About Me

The History — How it all began

In March 2018, Adam released his debut album ‘Burning Bright’, a celebration of the music that is close to his heart. He showcased the music at a number of sold-out events throughout the UK. The album features a selection of original songs and timeless classics, including 

‘Nella Fantasia’ originally sung by Sarah Brightman and ‘Over the Rainbow’ from the Wizard of Oz soundtrack, made famous by Judy Garland. The original songs ‘Deep Within Me’ along with lead single ‘Burn Bright’ showcase the range of Adam’s voice and emotional understanding with music, and his cover of ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ is understated yet incredibly moving. During the production of the music video for ‘Burn Bright’ Adam also worked alongside Arpad Horvath (2013 NME Award Winner).

Adam’s family have always been an important factor in his music. He was always encouraged to sing from an early age and so when he’s not singing you’ll find Adam travelling back up to his native Scotland to visit those closest to him as well as listening to some of his music icons, including the great tenor Andrea Bocelli.

The classically trained baritone singer Adam Ayres has emerged as one of the most sought-after names in Scottish music. Born and raised in Glasgow, the partially-sighted Scotsman is a leading Classical-Crossover artist who has performed four times at the globally renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the world’s largest arts festival.


What's Now

Now living in London, the proud Glaswegian has shone as a vocalist in a selection of operatic performances up and down the country as well as headline-stealing performances as a lead soloist in choral shows, including a choral interpretation of the famed Les Misérables. His live performances have led to critical acclaim with Adam being praised for his vocal skills at the prestigious awards given out at the Glasgow Music Festival.

The combination of Adam’s hard work and talent have seen him build up an extensive, mature and beautiful back catalogue of easy listening hits that he hopes inspire as well as entertain. He’s become the perfect artist for high-end award ceremonies, charity dinners, weddings and formal corporate events.