About Me

Adam Ayres is a classically trained baritone singer from Glasgow, Scotland; a Classical-Crossover artist who performs a range of both original songs and well-loved covers.

Adam has years of experience performing at private and corporate events at venues ranging from concert halls to weddings to pubs and clubs and even homes all across the UK.


How did you get into the music business?
Well, the answer isn’t all that shocking or surprising. I’ve just simply loved music and singing from a very young age. My family also played a key role in my musical aspirations. As music lovers themselves, they have trained and encouraged me to pursue my passion for music from day one.

How did you find growing up in Glasgow?
Growing up in Glasgow only made things better. This city enjoys a long musical history and I’ve been fortunate enough to experience its rich musical offerings throughout my growing years. Even to this day, there are over a 100 music-themed events held per week in Glasgow. These music events range from classical operas to contemporary concerts. So, you could say that I rarely get bored.

Has your journey with music been and easy ride?
I’ve always been one to try to prove the critics and nay-sayers wrong! So no, it’s been tough at times and I’ve had my challenges to overcome personally as well as professionally. However, music is my life and over the years I’ve worked hard to establish myself as a successful professional singer. Now, I can confidently state that my work and training has paid off. Today, I’m a sought-after name for special events in Glasgow and the rest of UK. I have travelled to several locations in the country to perform at all kinds of events and I’m finally poised to release my debut album ‘Burning Bright’ early in 2017.